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Dave for Exec VP

David Scott for Executive Vice President, Berklee Faculty Union

I’m David Scott, and I’m running for Executive Vice President of the Berklee Faculty Union.


When I joined the Executive Committee as Councilor-at-Large in 2012, I didn’t know that I would grow to love this work so much. As chair of the Communication Committee, I mobilized the department reps to create a database of private email addresses and phone numbers. I began sending regular e-newsletters, writing and editing the news for our website, and building our social media networks.


With help from state and national AFT, I designed our “sharp” logo and manufactured our t-shirts and buttons, and planned two BTOT sessions and a department rep training.


Communications is not just top-down! I am aware of the most important problems facing Berklee faculty because I wrote, designed, and evaluated the results of two iterations of member surveys and chair/dean evaluations. I created one formal and one informal online workspace where officers, department reps, and rank-and-file members can share ideas. And I have engaged over 500 members by text.


As Executive Vice President, I would supercharge these networks of members to get us into the habit of collective action. I am committed to making change by mobilizing members to take action. As a member of the last two bargaining teams, I became aware of exactly how management blocks changes that would benefit our members. I am constantly asking questions, because I believe that the job of the executive VP isn’t to pursue his priorities, but the priorities of the members.


I hope to serve alongside Will Silvio as President. I ask for your vote in this momentous election.


  • Committed to action
  • Aware of the issues
  • Asks questions



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  • April 18, 2019
    David Friend Hall - Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
  • June 6, 2019
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