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Melrose Symphony


Can't wait to sing with the Melrose Symphony next week! New original arrangements, orchestrated by Kenji Kikuchi. With the Vintage Vocal Quartet too!

What key do you sing it in?


Q: What key do you sing in in?

A: The original, I guess . . .


This answer is almost always wrong. The reason is because until you have tried the song in a few keys you can't say for sure. And most people just don't go to the trouble.


Take the advice of my friend and colleague Donna McElroy here . . .

It's supposed to be hard


For everyone who is going back to school soon, especially my new Berklee students, please remember this line from “A League of Their Own” (written about baseball, but can be applied just as well to music):

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everybody would do it. The hard is what makes it great.”

Back to school with Donna McElroy


Aspiring singers: read Donna McElroy's blog!

Here is her latest post.

New VVQ video


Thanks to the Four Freshmen for arranging this classic Bobby Troup tune.

Vocalogy tour under way


Hello Friends!

The Vocalogy tour is going swimmingly so far. We got stuck in the snow on the way to perform at the New Hampshire All-State Jazz Festival. We met thousands of teenagers at the Berklee High School Jazz Festival.

Today is the day of the big contest. All season long, the sides have been preparing, refining, testing. Yes, it's the 2016 Crepe-Off. Who will win, John's recipe or mine? More eggs, or more flour, or a balanced attack? How much sugar, if any? Which toppings add or detract? Chocolate? Berries? Butter and sugar? Does anyone have the courage to go plain? Time will tell.

With the breaking of the day tomorrow, we resume our march through New England. We only have two public events, so make sure you come to one of them.


Monday, February 8

7:00 - 8:30pm

Wellesley High School Katherine L. Babson Jr. Auditorium.

50 Rice St, Wellesley, MA 02481

The opening act for this concert will be the most excellent Wellesley High School Rice Street Singers under the direction of Kevin McDonald.


Tuesday, February 9


Ryles Jazz Club

212 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Get your $15 tickets on-line or at the door

At Ryles, Vocalogy will get a chance to stretch out. In addition to our harmony vocal tunes, we will feature some soloists. In Los Angeles, Christine Guter can often be heard performing with her trio, with big bands, and on many film scores (you have probably heard her voice if you've been to the movies lately). She will be offering up some music from her book of cool jazz interpretations. Yours truly (David) will be singing tunes you may have heard from the Hopeful Romantic and DYAD albums. And we will have one more guest sit in on a few songs, the fabulous singer, pianist, and songwriter Peter Eldridge. (Peter sings with a group called New York Voices.)


After that we finish off the tour at some events not open to the public, including school performances and the American Choral Directors Association conference in Boston (also appearing: the amazing Roomful Of Teeth!). Choral director friends, please come say hi.


Whew! Then that's it for a while. Much needed rest to follow :-)

VVQ Single available for purchase: Undecided


It's here! Click the link to purchase the first single by the Vintage Vocal Quartet, "Undecided"

Our version is based on the recording by the Delta Rhythm Boys, led by Lee Gaines. Gaines was a fantastic vocalist and lyricist. Perhaps his greatest claim to fame is writing the words to Billy Strayhorn's "Take the 'A' Train". He is probably the swinging-est bass vocalist I've ever heard.

Audio Advent Calendar from @DavidScottJazz


Every day this month I will be posting a link to a rare historic audio recording of a Christmas carol. Think of it as an audio advent calendar. These recordings are from the amazing collection hosted by University of California at Santa Barbara. They have digitized thousands of wax cylinder recordings from 1877 to 1929.

This will only be happening on my Twitter feed. Follow me at @DavidScottJazz for a musical treat every day before Christmas!

New video - Vintage Vocal Quartet "Undecided"


This video by the Vintage Vocal Quartet has been up less than a week and as of now has over 700 views. Please check it out, like, comment, subscribe, share, all that stuff.

Most importantly, ENJOY!

New track on Spotify


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