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by Vintage Vocal Quartet

Released 2015
Thornewood Music
Released 2015
Thornewood Music
It only takes 4 to put a nickel in a premodern jukebox of sweet big band era vocal harmony.
The Vintage Vocal Quartet brings to life the sweet harmonies of the big band era: groups like the Glenn Miller Orchestra's Modernaires, the Nat King Cole Trio, the Delta Rhythm Boys, the Andrews Sisters, and the Tommy Dorsey band's Pied Pipers. Even if you aren't familiar with these groups, you have definitely heard of some of their members. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Mel Tormé, Connee Boswell and Jo Stafford began their careers singing harmony.

The …
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If I Was in Jail

by David Thorne Scott

Released 2015
Released 2015
David Thorne Scott's music farms a homestead at the confluence of four American rivers: jazz, rock, blues, and country.
"If I Was In Jail" explores the loneliness at the heart of modern life. It was written in a hotel room on the road, far from friends and family, where the fantasy of apartness met the reality. "As a teenager I loved 'I Am A Rock' by Paul Simon because even though on the surface the song is about independence, the dark power of loneliness lurks directly underneath," Scott said. This flavor of independence about …
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David Thorne Scott
J. S. Bach


I've been playing around with this famous piece by Bach. At dinner one night, I told my 3-year-old that I was assigning it as homework for some of my vocal students. She said, "Why don't you do it too, daddy?" She was right, so here it is in one take with no editing or pitch correction.

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