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On the passing of Stephen Sondheim. 

Gail Leondar-Wright and Joseph Mullholand wrote this beautiful song to symbolize the one minute during which the lights would dim on Broadway to mark the passing of Stephen Sondheim. I was fortunate to get to record it. Listen here:


Healing America through music 

I get it. Sounds like hubris. 

"Healing America through music"? Who do you think you are, Scott? 

Well, I look around and it seems like this American rural/urban divide is only getting more intense. My hometown of Kearney, Nebraska has a lot in common with my where my friend Rick lives in Western Massachusetts, and Omaha actually has quite a bit in common with Boston. But neither side has much to say to the other. 

In order to make a change, we have to start by "looking at the man in the mirror." (thanks Michael Jackson). We need to start seeing others "as if they really were fellow passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys.” (thanks Charles Dickens) 

So how to change our hearts and minds? Well, at this task music has proven to be as effective as anything. 

I'm asking you, my friends, to sit down, pour yourself the beverage of your choice, and open your ears. My album "Thornewood" is available on youtube, spotify, apple and bandcamp. If it speaks to you, share it with your friends and acquaintances, even those you don't normally have much in common with. 

So can we heal America through music? Let's find out.

More info click here

Livestream concert - 50th birthday party 

Okay so I admit I wasn't really super looking forward to turning 50. So how to make the best of it? Invite my (vaccinated) friend and super-pianist Mark Shilansky over and perform a concert! It was streaming on

Missed it? That's okay. Here's the video below, or watch it on Youtube

Metrowest Daily News feature 

Thanks to Ed Symkus for this lovely feature in Metrowest Daily News!

"Scott’s incredibly flexible, wide-ranging voice is, of course, at the center of “Thornewood,” which runs, stylistically, from a cool, jazzy, spare cover of John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” to a ballad-like version – with a country element – of Townes Van Zandt’s “If I Needed You” – done up as a duet with Paula Cole. Also on the program is the swinging original “The Dark Side,” which bursts into a scatting session, and Scott’s tender “Grow,” a deeply emotional song he wrote just after the birth of his first child, who is now 15."

Singing the songs from "Thornewood" 

My new jazz/americana album "Thornewood" dropped in January 2021. Of course Covid means I can't tour to promote it, so I decided to play a concert from my living room. Here are all the tunes from "Thornewood" in track order.

Eponymous interview 

Laurie Fanelli says:

At a time of great conflict in our country – when words often fail us – music has the power to bridge divides. With his latest album Thornewood, released earlier this month, David Thorne Scott explores the intersection of Jazz and Americana, city and country, instrumentation and lyrics to create lush compositions and covers that are unifying, and healing, in their beauty.

Go here for the full interview


The Arts Fuse 

Thank you Evelyn!!!

“On his terrific recently released album Thornewood, Boston’s own David Thorne Scott lets loose his gorgeous tenor voice on an eclectic lineup of Americana and jazz tunes by the likes of Townes Van Zandt, John Denver, Cole Porter, and Harold Arlen, along with a group of beautifully crafted originals.” - Evelyn Rosenthal