Singing the songs from "Thornewood" 

My new jazz/americana album "Thornewood" dropped in January 2021. Of course Covid means I can't tour to promote it, so I decided to play a concert from my living room. Here are all the tunes from "Thornewood" in track order.

Eponymous interview 

Laurie Fanelli says:

At a time of great conflict in our country – when words often fail us – music has the power to bridge divides. With his latest album Thornewood, released earlier this month, David Thorne Scott explores the intersection of Jazz and Americana, city and country, instrumentation and lyrics to create lush compositions and covers that are unifying, and healing, in their beauty.

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"Thornewood" album released today 

Hello friends! I am very excited to release my new album "Thornewood" today. This project is special because it blends jazz and Americana music in an exciting new way. We can all agree that we need to bridge that rural/urban divide in this country, right? Well take a listen. I want jazz fans to love the mournful hollow tone of wide-open spaces. And I want fans of Americana music to love the electric crackle of city nights.


JAZZIZ Magazine posts an exclusive song premiere  

We are marching toward the release of my upcoming album "Thornewood" on January 9th. The first single was released as an exclusive premiere on American Songwriter a few weeks ago.

Today, Jazziz Magazine releases the second single, "If I Needed You", featuring the stunning Paula Cole. Here's the link or you can download a PDF here.



JAZZIZ Magazine, Dec. 18, 2020

Discover great new music this weekend with our weekly roundup of new songs and albums! This week’s New Release Cheat Sheet features new music by Fabrice Lecomte and Cécile McLorin Salvant, David Thorne Scott, Jana Herzen and more.

by Matt Micucci

David Thorne Scott, “If I Needed You” feat. Paula Cole [Song Premiere] 

Vocalist David Thorne Scott blends jazz and Americana on his forthcoming album, Thornewood, and includes this reinterpretation of Townes Van Zandt’s haunting composition, “If I Needed You,” featuring special guest Paula Cole. Thornewood, due out on January 8, 2021, is also motivated by a desire to pacify the Red State Vs. Blue State thinking of the United States. “I want jazz fans to love the mournful hollow tone of wide-open spaces,” says Scott. “And I want fans of Americana music to love the electric crackle of city nights.”

now on Bandcamp 

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