Free music!

I've been revamping my "Music" page on my website after reading a blog by David Sumner. It got me thinking. The way I had set up my music page was meant to entice you to buy my CDs or digital downloads. The idea at the time was to give the listener a taste of each song so their curiosity will be piqued. But I think the result comes across as standoffish or, worse, like I'm hiding something. I'm proud of every recording I have done and there isn't a note I'm ashamed to broadcast to the world. And the listeners that enjoy my kind of music understand that recording music is an expensive process, and that if they have the means and inclination to support recorded music by purchasing copies of CDs for themselves and their friends, they should do it. So, now: free music! Unlimited streaming available of every song in my catalog on the "Music" page. I hope that you enjoy it, and, if you're so inclined, to purchase some. It does a lot for a musician's morale to get a CD in the hands of someone who will appreciate it, not to mention the boost that one gets in negotiations with one's spouse about clearing room in the basement. P.S. CDBaby, though a great company, does take a $4 cut of every sale. If you want to truly support an artist, mail me a check and I'll send you what you want. Even better, come to a show and pick something up there!

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