If I Was In Jail

I would love you to hear my new song, "If I Was In Jail". Available for purchase as a single, but also available as an EP, with acoustic and instrumental versions. This is something really different than anything I've done before. Call it "Dark Americana". I hope you enjoy it.




"If I Was In Jail" explores the loneliness at the heart of modern life. It was written in a hotel room on the road, far from friends and family, where the fantasy of apartness met the reality. "As a teenager I loved 'I Am A Rock' by Paul Simon because even though on the surface the song is about independence, the dark power of loneliness lurks directly underneath," Scott said. This flavor of independence about to be devoured by loneliness, suffuses "If I Was In Jail".


This music farms a homestead at the confluence of four American rivers: jazz, rock, blues, and country. 


Produced by David Thorne Scott with help from Anthony J. Resta and Karyadi Sutedja.


Featuring Catherine Bent, cello and Anthony J. Resta, guitars




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