New Berklee classes for the fall semester

ENVC-322-005 Vocal Jazz Choir
"Vintage Vocals"
Dig Postmodern Jukebox? Try a premodern jukebox on for size.
This four- to ten-voice group explores the breadth of vocal jazz ensemble music of the mid-20th century, when the big bands were the cat's meow. We start in the ‘30s with the Mills Brothers and Boswell Sisters; through the swing era with the Modernaires and Pied Pipers; through 50’s bebop with Lambert, Hendricks & Ross.
By performing transcriptions and listening to classic recordings, students internalize classic jazz styles, harmonies, and arranging techniques.
Contact David Scott now at to audition.
Class meets Monday 5-6pm and Thursday 4-6pm
ENVC-242-001 Vocal Improv Ens 2: Jazz
Improve your improv! This is an intermediate ensemble for vocalists focusing on improvisation in the jazz idiom. Topics include articulation and groove, melodic and rhythmic phrasing, embellishments, using tone colors, hearing basic instrumental patterns, blues patterns, vamps, turnarounds, and II-V progressions.
Berklee has been building better singers through blues and bebop since before you were born. You got this. 
Prerequisites: ET-112, HR-112, and ENVC-111; or overall ensemble rating 3
Contact David Scott now at for more information.
Class meets Monday 11am-1pm.


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