Oh boy...

Okay, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. The new CD is finished! I have them in my hot little hands. Right now I'm sending out advance press copies to media outlets to generate a little buzz, but the official release date is April 12. The kickoff concert will be at Ryles Jazz Club in Inman Square with a fabulous band of Mark Shilansky, Phil McGowan, Eric Byers, and Greg Loughman. Most musicians will tell you that when they finish a CD, they wish they could start all over again knowing what they know now. I have to say that Karyadi and Anthony and I worked this material over enough that I am actually completely satisfied with how it is. It's just like I wanted it to be. So now there are no excuses: it's out there and you can like it or not, but at least I can say it is what I meant to do. (I hope you like it!)

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