Which tunes are originals?

I like to mix up cover songs, standard jazz tunes, and original music in my albums and performance. Sometimes I get the question of which is which? Which is totally flattering if someone thinks I wrote, say, a Cole Porter song :-)

Anyway, here is the list of original songs on my commercially available albums:


  • Fall Into You
  • The Dark Side
  • Deciding Where to Land
  • Grow

SINGLE - Stronger Every Year

SINGLE - If I Was In Jail


  • The Sign On My Door
  • Who Doesn't Want To Fall In Love?
  • Too Late
  • More Than One Way
  • Wisdom From Truth
  • Crossing the Line


  • Shade
  • Small Feats (lyrics only)
  • Get Out Of Your Own Way
  • Clown Stalking
  • I See You