now on Bandcamp

Hey, guess who's now on Bandcamp? The L.A. Times calls Bandcamp the "anti-Spotify" because they have a radically transparent and artist-friendly approach to royalties. Follow me by clicking the icon below.


promo photos for new album release

I whipped up a couple of promo pieces based on amazing photography by Mark Ostow and Lauren Desberg. Which one do you like best?


Advice to new jazz singers

Singers: practice with playalong tracks by singing the melody over and over, each time with slight variations. But how do you decide what and how to change? Pay attention to the lyrics. Find a special word, and try singing it…

Locked at home, still working on the album

So everyone is locked down and can't go anywhere. That doesn't mean music has stopped. Editing tracks remotely from the upcoming Thornewood album with my buddy Mark.



Album progress

Hey there friends, just wanted to let you know about the progress on the album. Almost all of the instrumental and vocal overdubs are finished. Sara Caswell came in and laid down some stunning violin work. The folks over at…


And now for the horn section

I don't know how we got so lucky, but we did trumpet and saxophone tracking this week with Jason Palmer and Walter Smith III. Normally when you bring in new musicians to a session you have to explain the vibe/mood/approach…


Lap steel tracking

Kevin Barry is the master. I went to his house and recorded overdubs on my upcoming record. He played lap steel mostly, but at one point I said, "you know, I'm imagining sort of a baritone guitar sound here," and…

W.A. Mathieu lessons

Thanks to a Berklee faculty travel grant, went to Sebastapol California to study with W.A. Mathieu. His concept of harmonic experience is changing my musical life, helping this jazzer see beyond 2-5-1's. What a dude this guy is. Absolute wealth…

QUEEN rock and roll

Performed the music of QUEEN with the great vocalist MARC MARTEL and the BOSTON POPS orchestra at TANGLEWOOD.