Love You Madly available for purchase

The Vintage Vocal Quartet brings the big band era to life by singing while swinging on piano, guitar, bass and trumpet. Their debut album includes songs by Cole Porter, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, and more!

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The CD is here!

Here's a gift idea for the music lover in your life: the new CD of awesome swing music from the Vintage Vocal Quartet.

The Vintage Vocal Quartet's first studio album, "Love You Madly," shows off the group just as they…

Holidays on the Cape with VVQ

Look for us this month with the Cape Symphony! 

The VVQ features unique arrangements of traditional songs plus new classics in styles ranging from toe-tapping swing, smooth bossa nova and uptempo gospel. 

Soon It's Gonna Snow
I'll Be Home for…


Recording finished!

 Vintage Vocal Quartet has finished recording their new album! Now for the final mixing and mastering and manufacturing. Thank goodness we have Tim Bongiovanni from Northgate Productions holding our hand for this. You're going to love it -- it's a…


VVQ in the studio

Vintage Vocal Quartet is hitting the studio to record our first CD! How about that? Songs will include favorites like Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree, Stardust, Don't Fence Me In, and many more. We hope to have all the…


New single released

Stronger Every Year

This tender ballad from singer/songwriter David Thorne Scott is a Valentine to that special person in your life who only seems to get better as they get older.


The Living Room Sessions are underway


 CONTACT: David Thorne Scott,, (617) 833-3931 ​


 Singer, Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist David Thorne Scott Releases First Video Album “The Living Room Sessions”



SOMERVILLE, MA — Vocalist David Thorne Scott…


Kudos from the Mosesian Center

Thanks for all who came out to see the Vintage Vocal Quartet on Valentine's Day!

"Excellent performance from all, and the audience was really appreciative of the musicianship!" -John Baboian, Mosesian Center for the Arts



Next installment in "The Living Room Sessions" is "Distractions", a lovely tune by Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney. Mark Shilansky on piano, Eric Byers on guitar, Dave Jamrog on video and audio.