Working on a project with the good folks over at Bopnique Musique: Anthony Resta and Karyadi Sutedja. The idea is a 6-song EP that features my singing, songwriting and keyboard playing. We have enlisted a lot of fine instrumentalists to put the material in the best possible light. It's starting to sound good. The days and nights have been a lot of hard work and attention to detail. You want it to be perfect, but not too perfect, you know? It's kind of funny talking about things like "natural" when you have every music production tool invented by modern science, but music (whether "machine-assisted" or not) is natural. Humans choose what to put a frame around. Humans create art by deciding what art is. The style of this music might be a surprise to some who have gotten to know me as a singer of jazz standards, but it doesn't feel like a departure of any kind. I love singing: classical, jazz, rock, whatever. I identify myself through my voice, and I like to keep my identity fluid so I don't get bored in life. Keep 'em guessing! I want people to enjoy this music. It doesn't matter if it doesn't fit in a genre section of a record store, because guess what? There are no record stores anymore. All that is left is people enjoying music and hopefully choosing to support the artists they enjoy in a monetary way, so the artists can keep on creating. Keep listening, and check back for updates.

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